Detection for Perimeter Fencing

Solutions for perimeter intrusion detection fences today are as efficient as their ability to detect intrusion accurately. Smartech Security, along with its ally Southwest Microwave, provide only the best in professional perimeter protection . This system is used in thousands of locations worldwide, mainly due to its unique ability to identify abnormalities within the perimeter of an area of ​​less than 3 meters (10 feet) and eliminate false alarms in common other sensors or systems.

Our smart sensors accurately detect attempts to climb a fence or cut , regardless of the noise generated by wind, rain or traffic. Through the successful distinction between real attacks and harmless environmental perturbations , avoiding false alarms .

Free Format Zoning controlled software allows users to assign alarm areas anywhere along the cable, which reduces hardware requirements, reducing installation costs and ensuring a superior detection. Leveling sensor sensitivity calibration to compensate only for variations in the material of the close , resulting in a uniform along the fence line detection.

Microwave and Photoelectric Barriers

Microwave and Photoelectric Barriers

Barriers or microwave sensors can detect intruders walking, running or crawling in outdoor environment. Southwest Microwave sensor developed the first bi -static microwave industry in 1971, and has pioneered the development of reliable and flexible links and microwave transceivers for protecting open areas , doors and entrances and applications for roofs or walls.

Microwave sensors generate an electromagnetic field (RF) between the transmitter and the receiver, creating an unseen volumetric detection zone. When an intruder enters the detection zone, the changes in the field are recorded and an alarm occurs .

Our microwave barriers provide a high probability of detection, low level of unwanted alarms and excellent resistance to rain, fog, wind, dust, snow and extreme temperatures. Most models used by Smartech Security operating at K -band frequency, which maximizes performance and minimizes interference from external sources of radar.

The photoelectric sensors consist Infrared addressed linearly along the perimeter and its implementation is very similar to microwave barriers, however the main difference between the two, apart from the detection technology is that the light barriers are less immune to unwanted alarms generate microwaves barriers. Also the light barriers for linear deployments are 650 feet or less, while microwaves can reach much greater distances, however its main advantage is its low cost and low diversity of models and wide range for both exterior and interior.

Buried Cable

Buried Cable

The buried cable solutions Smartech Security provides reliable protection for applications where covert perimeter protection is essential. Our volumetric smart sensors provide unique benefits and unique detection capabilities, including the exact location of intruders walking, running or crawling to within less than 3 meters (10 feet). The ground tracking capabilities enable our buried cable systems to follow ground contours and curves easily handle closed . Whereas each perimeter protection solution is different, the system parameters can be adjusted to the individual requirements of each site. The sensitivity of the sensor patented leveling calibrated to compensate only by variations in the composition of the soil or site conditions – resulting in consistent detection throughout the protected area. Free Format Zoning controlled software allows users to assign alarm areas anywhere along the cable, which reduces hardware requirements, reducing installation costs and ensuring a superior detection.

Radar-based Solutions

Radar-based Solutions

Smartech Security through its ally Honeywell – Vindicator is focused on providing security solutions for mission-critical applications. The radar detection system based on three areas of Vindicator link perimeter security in one package to help detect objects and people at distances up to several kilometers.

When it comes to the management and integration of detection systems based on radar, we offer customizable solutions for critical sites and high risk.

The detection system based pewter Vindicator radar consists of three components:

  • Command and Control Platform
  • Scan Options
  • Integrated Assessment

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