When organizations assume the challenge of implementing technological security measures to minimize their losses, this must be done taking into account the operational requirements of each area in particular and the company as a whole. To assess these requirements the need arises to implement the interaction and collaboration among the different security systems. This collaboration allows that operators can devote to handle security situations instead of drive technology.


Physical Security + Information Management

Our security systems integration solutions are adapted to the needs of your business. Our recent experience is to unite efforts in the area of physical security and information technologies to promote two-way cooperation and facilitate the handling of situations of security in the organization.

We have within our portfolio of integration:


PSIM de Vidsys® (Physical Security Information Management):

Vidsys ® PSIM  is a software based on web used to implement Platform for integration of high level in order to automate the management and handling of situations in operations centers. Through its open architecture lets you integrate any integrated security system, any sensor field, systems of GPS, you, architectural plans, mobile devices, among others.

Honeywell Prowatch ®:

Designed to meet the challenges of today’s demanding environments, Security Pro – Watch Honeywell ® management suite provides the flexibility, scalability and control necessary for comprehensive security management. Pro-Watch equips organizations with the right tools to protect people, assets and ensure compliance with regulations through the combination of access control, video, intrusion and other functions digital into a single powerful system.

Integration with video and Honeywell and third-party access control systems makes it possible to leverage the existing installed hardware as the system grows. The scheme of modular hardware and software options make it easy and cost-effective to expand a system to keep abreast with the growing needs of the business. Pro-Watch suite provides software licensing basis who are responsible for the security needs from small sites to global enterprises.

United Technologies (UTC)

United Technologies Facility Commander Wnx®:

It is an integrated security platform for monitoring and control platform of Security command and control, that allows the management of physical security in a way that is versatile, efficient and easy to use, it fits perfectly in your IT infrastructure. It is one of the most powerful solutions from beginning to end for today’s physical security applications.

The Facility Commander WNx integrates security applications and unifies security systems including access control, and identity cards, video surveillance, monitoring alarms, intrusion detection and management of visitors in a single platform of security management.

Open application programming interface provides nearly unlimited flexibility to customers who want greater integration. Equally important, as your organization grows, Facility Commander WNx is scalable and can be adapted regardless of size, although your company extends in the same office or across the world.


OnGuard de Lenel® – United Technologies:

OnGuard is an integration of systems of access control and video surveillance management solution – VMS, currently used by 92 of the Fortune 100 companies. As a pioneer of open architecture, Lenel provides with the OnGuard solution one of the more robust industry for enterprise application integration solutions. The scalability of its design allows its implementation in companies that start with a small access control infrastructure and can grow as the company increases its presence globally.

With the incorporation of monitoring for signs of intrusion and its advanced graphical user interface, OnGuard provides verification of alarms video, thus increasing the likelihood of intrusion detection and interruption of protected infrastructure attacks.

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