Solutions Point to Point

Point to point networks are the ones to respond to a type of network architecture in which each data channel is used to communicate only nodes in clear opposition to them. Multipoint networks in each data channel are use if you can, to communicate with several nodes. In applications such as extended area surveillance and large urban complex, it is very common to use links, point to point and point to multipoint, to carry video signals, audio and control security cameras towards the  control center. In Smartech Security we assume the challenge of the communications infrastructure required for optimal functioning of security solutions and integration being implemented. From the design of one pair of  nodes to the deployment of urban networks of hundreds of kilometers with thousands of nodes, we can help you in all your point to point needs.


Type Mesh Solutions

The meshed wireless networks are those networks in which the two topologies of wireless networks are mixed, the Ad- hoc infrastructure topology and topology. Basically are topologies infrastructure but they allow to join the network devices that despite being out of range of the access points are within the range covered by any network card that directly or indirectly is within the range coverage of an access point. Type mesh networks are widely used in video surveillance applications with large number of cameras and terrain features. Thanks to technology of intelligent routing of signals , the data transmission is effected by the ” desirable ” route. In Smartech Security work only with the best teams in the specialized market for the transport of video signals, which among other advantages provide the lowest latency, highest throughput or performance and redundancy wider industry.

 Mobile Solutions

Support the needs of the mobile industry and fast moving transport is the biggest challenge facing the networking industry today. Due to the high speeds and constant transitions in location, traditional networking solutions, especially wired networks simply can not keep up with this demanding industry. The transportation security today is based on two components: the ability to monitor and protect your assets no matter where they are or how fast they are moving, and the ability to monitor these assets in real time, through surveillance .

Smartech Security a Firetide has chosen as its technology partner to deploy mobile communication infrastructure because it is the only incorporated from the start with mobility and video in mind and pacesetter in the market with the best support wireless technology and best solutions tailored to the most rigorous demands of the end customer.

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