Keeping our students safe

The pressure to strengthen security in schools and campuses continues to grow. From theft by outsiders to personal crimes and vandalism, we understand your need to effectively ensure the security of the University. Our solutions are based on existing installed equipment to increase security in general and help make the most of your original investment. We help you to protect the safety of your students, faculty and staff, at the same time protect your school from incidents which may give rise to litigation.

Improving the academy environment

Monitoring multiple areas

In addition to confront traditional security threats of vandalism, theft and violence, the personnel administrators must face threats that become quickly crisis events. Our solutions can enable your staff and management to offer shelter in place, with an action that allows emergency personnel to access live video remotely and respond more effectively.

Secure open spaces

In addition to classrooms, administrative offices, residences, libraries, and other interior spaces, you must also protect the exterior common areas, such as stadiums, track facilities, sports fields, parking lots and sidewalks. We offer flexible protection that expands easily in the future as your student body grows.

Improve intelligence

Since the need for identity management goes beyond the buildings on the campus, our mobile devices read ID cards and give access to people as they go in a bus or enter a gate to participate in school events, inside or outside the campus.

Want to get more specific security information?

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