Building safer points of entry for the future


Threat levels at airports may range from common vandalism to domestic terrorism, by which the safety and protection of persons who travel and work at airports represents a major concern worldwide. From points of checking of passengers to sterile areas in the terminals, including control of luggage and parking lots; ensuring safety to the traveler requires coordination and collaboration among multiple agencies.

Integrating data from hundreds of video devices, fire alarms, motion sensors, access control systems and equipment for threats of the type NRBQe (Nuclear, radiological, biological, chemical and explosives) is required to get a complete picture of a safety incident potential

Mitigating Challenges and Improving Security


Seaports are faced with the challenge of providing a safe environment for port operators and the local community and at the same time should ensure the effective and efficient movement of products and goods related to international trade.

From perimeter monitoring to protection and control of cargo moving through seaports, ensuring the safety of shipments, waterways and trade practices, requires coordination and cooperation among various agencies. Providing security monitoring in real-time as well as knowledge and proactive management of the situation is not a simple task.

Mitigating Challenges and Improving Security

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