Transport - Vertical Solutions

Mass transit systems focus on leveraging technology to manage daily transportation incidents and reduce congestion in some of the busiest roads, subways and rail stations. Moreover, the focus is on the safely and efficiently movement of people, goods, services and information vital to the economy.


  • Exchange real-time information between agencies.
  • Using the data in real time and across multiple systems.
  • The release of response resources where and when they are needed.
  • Reducing traffic congestion.
  • Safely transport people, goods and services.


Our Physical Security Information Management  (PSIM) helps companies of public transport:

  • Improve emergency preparedness and response times.
  • Provide a safer transport environment.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and equipment to improve the management of the situation in real time.
  • Manage and correlate data from a variety of devices.
  • Provide a common operating picture for the exchange of information between agencies.
  • Enable compliance with government regulations.