Telecommunications - Vertical Solutions

At Smartech Security we understand that the telecommunications industry is networking, connectivity, wireless communications, mobile platforms, systems integration and infrastructure solutions. With expensive equipment, sensitive data moving through the network, and thousands of customers in and out of their facilities, your main concern is to provide maximum security without interfering with your daily activities.

To control who has access to sensitive areas where assets are stored or sites where customer information is given, it is essential to define the levels of access to the facility. Access levels provide the flexibility to manage if a person can have access to different segments within the facilities, traffic control in restricted areas, get activity reports with the date and time, and have video display in real time and recording in case of an attempt of cardholders to access an area after hours allowed.

Minimizing network traffic is fundamental to telcos. Our solutions are based on a distributed network architecture which allows workstations and intelligent field controllers to connect directly to the existing network. Decisions are made and processed at the level of the equipment in the field, which minimizes network traffic and the availability of access decisions in real time. Using basic tools of sophisticated data, we can exchange cardholder data bidirectionally with other enterprise systems, such as human resources and time and attendance, can also be integrated with other security subsystems such as disaster recovery, fire alarms, intercom and other security systems . You can send / receive alarm messages directly to wireless devices such as tablets and mobile phones for immediate response to events.