Pharmaceutical - Vertical Solutions

In today’s society the safety of pharmaceutical products is a high priority. The protection of intellectual property, secure storage, the security of staff and visitors and preventing internal breaches are major safety concerns.

Pharmaceutical organizations must develop a comprehensive management plan to support safety and effectively maintain the physical security of staff and visitors, as well as access to secure areas, and staff supervision. At Smartech Security we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and adapt our security solutions to enable them to manage all aspects of your physical infrastructure.

Where access to buildings or departments are limited or controlled, our solutions can include the use of bio-metric fingerprint readers which add an additional layer of security, ensuring that it is definitely the right person to access the site. Alternatively, by applying system partitions, individual departments can assign access rights to staff and visitors.

Our access control systems reduce risks by ensuring that unauthorized personnel and visitors can not access sensitive areas of the organization. When theft occurs, quick camera views can be studied in real time or as part of an investigation.

Due to the continued presence of valuable medicines and medical equipment in the pharmaceutical buildings, the risk of theft is present at all times and becomes a major concern. Our security solutions minimize this risk by ensuring that unauthorized personnel and visitors can not access secure areas.