Oil and Gas - Vertical Solutions

The processes of exploration and oil production is conducted under the highest standards of safety and risk management. Any security incident can impact the production significantly causing substantial losses that can range from employee injury, severe environmental damage to huge economic losses.

The specific needs for protection of Oil and infrastructure include: Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection, Asset Tracking, Global Positioning Systems, Communication Systems and Fire Detection  among others. For effective management of the signals from all the above systems it is necessary to have an integration platform that is capable of receiving all that data, make a correlation between these signals and cross check the operating procedures of the organization. Once this process is complete , the tool will convert the entire set of data into actionable information and present it in a graphical interface to the operators in the control center for them to trigger the response plan and guidance in real time. This is precisely what Smartech Security provides through its Vidsys PSIM platform, the ability for the command center staff to manage the situation and not the technology .

At Smartech Security we are dedicated to developing and implementing comprehensive security solutions for the Oil & Gas industry from conceptual engineering to implementation and support of the entire security infrastructure.