Casinos around the world face intense scrutiny from regulatory agencies, making an effective and reliable surveillance and security system crucial. Because performance and compliance are critical, many of the industry’s largest gaming institutions have placed their trust in manufacturers with the best support and research and development teams, companies that today are our main trade partners to manufacture the best solutions in the market. We offer video solutions that provide clear surveillance of the cash rooms, gaming floor, restaurants and shops, office areas, etc.

For the most demanding video surveillance applications, only the most powerful and reliable industry solutions can be used. And there are no video surveillance deployments more demanding that casinos and other gaming operations, where you must capture the sleight of hand and the fastest movements, reviewed and archived to comply with the more stringent standards of control.

Deploying the most advanced, enterprise-class IP solutions as well as traditional analog technologies, Smartech Security and Pelco by Schneider Electric are uniquely positioned to deliver the products, solutions and expertise demanded by today’s casino security professionals.

Top justifying investment:

  • Eyes in the sky. The strategic placement of cameras along the floor complements the physical resources of the security personnel, helping to improve the management of people and assign staff to assess the situation in a timely and effective manner.
  • Suspicious behavior. The video quality of play areas gives security professionals the detailed information needed to prevent cheating and to apprehend criminal’s game.
  • Theft Prevention. Surveillance cameras can help prevent crime, while helping the authorities in identifying criminals during investigations.


We offer our expertise and advanced technologies needed for a complete video surveillance solution specifically designed for the gaming industry.