Bank - Vertical Solutions

The reputation and success of a financial institution based in how well it shows its customers that it can effectively protect their assets and investments. Our banking solutions are designed to provide security and instil the confidence of customers at all levels of the organization.

Our vast experience, combined with the quality and reliability of the integrated security solutions we offer, allows our customers from the financial sector to meet their existing and emerging security challenges.

Large-scale power outages and cyber-attacks are just a few of the potential risks facing banking and finance institutions.  Additionally, corporate command and control centers are inundated with data making it difficult to correlate the data from the disparate systems in to one intelligent security system that automatically identifies, manages, resolves and tracks potential situations.  As a result, effectively managing overall building security and employee and visitor safety is extremely difficult.


With our  PSIM integration approach we help financial institutions to:

  • Collect and correlate data from security applications and devices to provide a complete view of the situation to the length of the organization.
  • Automate the identification of situations and provide operators and security personnel with knowledge of the situation, management capability and guided resolution.
  • Significantly reduce alarm notifications by providing technology facilitating immediate adjudication.
  • Strengthen corporate security  for visitors and employees.
  • Enforce standard operating procedures for situation resolution.