Urban Video Surveillance Systems

The urban video surveillance is a key tool for police departments, it  is used in urban centers with the objective of reducing crime. With this technology, the police can access the video from mobile command centers to respond to an incident. This allows the police to coordinate effectively a rapid response to any event.

Cities face a range of threats, from widespread civil demonstrations as to which affected some time ago to Istanbul, to Lone Wolves and terrorist attacks such as the recent explosions in Boston. These challenges require quick access to video surveillance systems.

Urban video surveillance systems are a key requirement to provide clear and usable images for police departments to conduct research effectively when required. Along with quick access to video, the requirement to send video to several people and organizations through the city has grown. The mobility offered by our video systems is key to police departments when manages central areas in cities.

Smartech Security has the most respected urban video surveillance solutions in the security industry, allowing public administrators to ensure the safety of citizens in various settings, without losing sight of government budgets. Our high-definition solutions meet these requirements to cover more areas, with fewer cameras.

Do you need to distinguish a registration or a face on a busy street in the city? See it all, in all the urban scenarios, both day and night. Regardless of the environment, our high-definition video surveillance solutions bring you the detail of the image you need.

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