IP Surveillance

The Video surveillance IP is a technology of visual surveillance that combines the analog benefits of the traditional CCTV (closed circuit Television) with digital advantages of IP (Internet Protocol) communication networks, allowing local supervision I remote images and audio as well as the digital processing of images, for applications such as the license plate recognition and facial recognition, among others.

The deployment is easier and more economical than a CCTV, since that takes advantage of the corporate computer network, i.e. the same wiring used for the communication of data, access to Internet or e-mail, without deploying a cabling infrastructure coaxial specific to a network of video surveillance. Most of the more modern facilities are abandoning analog technology in favor of the IP video surveillance, given his versatility, functionality, simplicity and optimization of the infrastructures existing in the company.

Smartech Security offers IP video surveillance solutions that allow you to automate the functions of operators in control centres, record according to your needs with great detail and integrate video with platform security and it system. Our approach is to study the real needs and the operational requirements of our clients to design a solution based on the best available technology in accordance with the established budget.

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