Physical Security Information Management – PSIM

Effective use of PSIM software starts with the assessment and identification of risks in their organization and determination of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for its acronym in English; to resolve situations associated with these risks. The VidSys PSIM software connects to various security systems to monitor events, it encapsulates the rules for identifying situations as well as the SOP for use in the operations center. The result is that the PSIM presents operators with actionable, intelligent information, which facilitates the resolution of situations as they develop, as well as compliance monitoring procedures to ensure that best practices are followed to resolution safer, faster and more effective.

With VidSys software platform, the management of simple and complex incidents becomes easier , more reliable based on more profitable and safer pre – approved policies.

Based on predefined business rules , the PSIM software analyzes data from multiple systems and alarms and automatically translate the resulting information in priority situations presented to operators. With this information , operators can quickly determine whether a situation is “real. ” For example, an alarm “door forced open” in conjunction with a motion detector alarm within a building , and occurring within a minute of each other may be the result of a door that was open too long as someone was leaving. Alternatively, these same alarms may indicate an intruder. Once a situation is confirmed, the PSIM software presents instructions step by step resolution , based on standard operating procedures (SOP ), which is automatically updated as the situation evolves – new images are presented, the instructions are modified and new notifications are sent. From sending rescuers and communication with field staff , to lock or unlock doors, VidSys PSIM software handles the situation.

As part of the resolution of the situation, information, such as an image of the intruder can be shared with responders via mobile devices. This way, they improve and expand collaboration with field staff, which facilitates work between operators and responders so that they can work together, coordinated in real time. It also provides an additional layer of protection for the men and women who risk their lives every day, giving them knowledge of the immediate situation as they approach an incident.

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