Detection for Perimeter Fencing

Solutions for perimeter intrusion detection fences today are as efficient as their ability to detect intrusion accurately. Smartech Security, along with its ally Southwest Microwave , provide only the best in professional perimeter protection . This system is used in thousands of locations worldwide, mainly due to its unique ability to identify abnormalities within the perimeter of an area of ​​less than 3 meters (10 feet) and eliminate false alarms in common other sensors or systems.

Our smart sensors accurately detect attempts to climb a fence or cut , regardless of the noise generated by wind, rain or traffic. Through the successful distinction between real attacks and harmless environmental perturbations , avoiding false alarms .

Free Format Zoning controlled software allows users to assign alarm areas anywhere along the cable, which reduces hardware requirements, reducing installation costs and ensuring a superior detection. Leveling sensor sensitivity calibration to compensate only for variations in the material of the close , resulting in a uniform along the fence line detection.

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