Intrusion Detection Solutions - Small Business

The wired intrusion detection systems are used for applications where a higher level of protection is required and there are no restrictions or impediments to cable runs. Smartech Security offers wired intrusion detection systems to Honeywell with thousands of clients which are installed along the more than 25 -year history of the company.

Main benefits of wired intrusion detection systems:

  • Easy to operate
  • Multiple keyboard options: touch , alphanumeric, fixed word Display , LED.
  • Safe installation, according to manufacturer’s specifications to prevent sabotage.
  • Zones expandable capacity to meet the requirements of different sized properties.
  • Ability to add automation features lamps, locks, thermostats and more.
  • Communication capacity of wired media alarms, via radio or cell phone.
  • Ability to integrate with PSIM software or other integrated security systems.
  • Ability to incorporate sensing devices and reporting of fires.


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