Conceptualization of Security and Consulting

Smartech Security develops consultation processes and safety analysis to determine not only how your company is measured against the large number of security threats it faces, but also benchmarking against other companies based on the specific set of requirements to determine “fit “your business and operating environment.

We work on the front and back of the security – initially in the conceptual phase and subsequently through the detailed design and implementation phase. The first thing we do is to analyze the structure and operation of your business in detail to determine gaps / vulnerabilities, then prepare a detailed design culminating in a series of documents to be used as construction material for implementation.

Our recommendations and designs are possible and based on specific needs. Once you see our analysis, knowing precisely where your business is and what we do to protect the assets of the organization. They also say very specifically how your organization can overcome the problems we face: We give you exactly the measures / technologies / implementations that your company needs.

As part of the design, we can incorporate our certified suppliers worldwide – people and the solutions that have been tested and managed, with whom we can work with cunning and reliably in the final part of the process, implementing the measures recommended to protect your business against real threats it faces.

But our work does not end there. Threats are constantly evolving, so we are ready to work hand in hand with you for the long term to help ensure your protection remains top notch throughout the years. Programs also prepare and Safety Guidelines for companies operating worldwide in order to ensure continuity and consistency in the protection of assets. The entire range of services offered by the Smartech Security’s Group consulting include:

  • Safety assessments, surveys and on-site audits.
  • Requirements analysis and conceptual designs.
  • Selection and Integration Countermeasures.
  • System Design and Engineering.
  • Cost estimates / budget justifications.
  • Bidding and Contract Negotiation.
  • Management and Construction Management.
  • Control Centers Security (PSIM).
  • Enterprise Systems Implementations.
  • Documentation Systems / Development Standards and Guidelines.
  • Business Cases