Automation of Buildings

Buildings need a brain to intelligently control the various systems and thousands of data points that can be generated. In Smartech Security we manage to develop automation solutions that provide the brain. We offer an integrated approach that unites multiple systems into a single network throughout the organization through a unified software platform. Once integrated, data from these systems are assimilated and converted into information that can make decisions and take actions to improve the efficiency, comfort and welfare of the occupants and building owners.

We take care to design and install security systems and intelligent building management solutions that offer HVAC (Forced Ventilation), access control, video surveillance, lighting control and energy efficiency. Additionally, we provide results that create a convenient, economical and safe environment in schools and universities, hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping centers, factories, government buildings and virtually any other building in which to think. All our automation solutions can be integrated with PSIM platforms to provide a unified interface to control center operators.