Physical Security Information Management – PSIM

The PSIM software solution for VidSys continually fuses, correlates instantly and effectively converts large amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information from virtually any type, brand or generation of security systems and sensors – and many other applications network management. Implementations often integrate a number of security cameras, video recorders, access control systems, intrusion detection systems and fire alarm systems (CAD) Computer Aided Dispatch, bollards and other sensors and more exotic applications or specialized. VidSys provides a platform of security operations with a unified view – including 3-D images – powerful tools and automated incident management.

Our automated tools facilitate the safe, efficient and timely resolution of events and alarms and managing complex incidents involving multiple simultaneous alarms in one or more locations. As a secure web-based solution, the platform enables operators to easily manage the assets of a facility, a large campus or several dispersed locations in a city or around the world.

With a true web-based architecture and open source, the VidSys platform is fully enabled for mobile users. This allows real-time collaboration among decision makers of a single organization or multiple entities share actionable information and time-sensitive, with executives and response personnel through mobile devices.

In short, the software platform VidSys includes eight essential characteristics:

Open Platform:

Provides integration with virtually any known type systems and safety devices. It is also compatible with third-party systems such as building management, access controls, sensors and other systems.

Dynamic Mapping Geospatial:

Enables allocation exact location and viewing situations, people and alarms fixed and mobile devices, and sample location data support and incidents in real time for each specific, or even globally in all situations situation.

Rules Engine:

Provides intelligent correlation of data from multiple systems, including time and geography, in order to identify situations automatically and persistently update the situations events unfold.

Automated Submission of Standard Operating Procedures:

When any situation arises, the software presents VidSys standard operating procedures to the control center operator, along with information, devices and contact information necessary for the resolution – all within a single user interface.

Modular Platform:

Provides dynamic to changing situations , devices , configurations , policies and information adaptation , while the system is running. It also supports a distributed these to an extraordinary transparency architecture.

Web browser -based interface :

Allows easy access and collaboration between organizations and personnel , it also supports mobile or control center users – within the city or across the world.

Mobile Data Exchange :

It facilitates the real- time incident data and images between the operations center , security personnel and senior management of the company.

Dynamic Reports :

Collects, records and maintains all information (alarms , video , audio and so on ) , responses and outcomes in a single folder to monitor compliance with policies, support of research or analysis and post- training situation.

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