Intrusion Detection Solutions - Small Business

Honeywell’s Vindicator® Site Commander (VSC) provides local arm/disarm control for Vindicator system partitions. VSC is composed of an operator interface managed by Honeywell’s Vindicator V5 Intrusion Detection System (IDS) controller. An authorized operator may secure or access partitions, acknowledge and secure partition alarms, and view, print, and save partition event history. Partition events may be monitored outside the partition by security personnel using Vindicator Command and Control (VCC) with V5 IDS system controller. VSC presents an operator with graphical map of partitions for clear orientation and quick operation. Logging in, partition selection, viewing and commanding are all accomplished via simple intuitive touch screen control. In an alarm situation, VSC issues audible alerts and focuses the operator on the highest priority event.

Vindicator - HoneywellVSC operator interface comes mounted on a locking enclosure suitable for flush or surface installation and may be managed by an existing V5 IDS system controller, or an additional V5 IDS.


  • Easy arm/disarm control to secure and access site areas
  • Partition system for local control by authorized operators
  • Alarm annunciation, disposition and securing
  • Focuses operator attention on highest priority alarm event
  • Graphical, touch screen operation
  • Multiple partition control at a single operator interface
  • Multiple operator interfaces control of a single partition
  • Audible alerts configured per site policy
  • View event history including alarms, operator activity and ACS entry
  • Print and save history


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