Home Automation

Smartech Security’s Home Automation Solutions allow you to connect and manage the technologies that run your home, through your computer, tablet, or smartphone—no matter where you are.

One of the greatest benefits of Home Automation is energy cost savings. Our system allows you to create scenes for specific areas of your home or simple run schedules that would automatically turn lights and appliances on and off including the air conditioning unit when a desired temperature is reached or at a specific time.

Smart locks can be installed in almost any door to remotely unlock through your smart phone, tablet or computer. You can also program a certain door to unlock at a specific time.

Remote video surveillance through your mobile is included in our Home Automation Solution. This allows you to receive video alerts when anybody disarm your security system. You can also access live video to any of your cameras at any time. Learn More

Our Basic Package starts at $299.00 with a 3 year agreement at $59.00 per month service charge with approved credit.

We also offer No-Agreement Packages starting at $1,300 at $49.00 per month without checking or affecting your credit score.