Designing an effective Video Surveillance System requires a thorough evaluation of the current and possible future needs of the end user, its budget and operational requirements. In other words, it is imperative to know what the end user expects from the system. Not always the security approach is the only approach or the one that would satisfy the end user needs.

In many cases, the end user is looking for an alternative to improve productivity through the use of video surveillance cameras, also other end users are trying to prevent false customer or employee liability complaints by properly recording video from all areas of concern of the facility or facilities.

Smartech Security Video Surveillance Solutions provide a broad offering of video capture and management solutions meeting needs from the simple to the complex. Small businesses with budget-sensitive and minimal camera capture requirements will find solutions that are affordable, as well as easy to configure and use. End users can choose from software or systems that provide comprehensive feature sets with robust integration capability. Businesses that require unlimited growth and redundancy will find a comprehensive system  to meet distributed, enterprise IP video security demands.